There is a simple rule to follow.  If you earn 3% on your money for the rest of your life, you can withdraw 5% of the account value annually, and the money will not run out for 30 years.  That it, if you are using a strategy guaranteed safe.  If you risk your money in the stock market, the rule does not apply.  No one knows when you will run out of money. 

The New Generation Strategy recommended by Tamara Christians has proven to generate outstanding interest rates in the 6% to 8% range.  So, if you earn 6% annually and withdraw 5% of the account value, you can adjust the amount of the withdrawals to offset inflation and maintain the original account value for your surviving spouse’s retirement plan.  Better yet, Tamara has a retirement plan where the withdrawals may be able to replace the systemic withdrawals the couple takes to supplement their social security using an enhanced death benefit for the surviving wife.

The new enriched retirement plan can be illustrated using the company’s software.  For example, let’s say the husband is 60-yers old.  Opens the account with $300,000 and starts taking 5% withdrawals at age 66.  The following table lists the account values in selected years.  It shows the withdrawals increased to offset inflation.  At the end of the 10th year after withdrawing roughly $200,000, the account value increased from $300,000 to $505,953.  Now, look at the enhanced death benefit column.  If her husband died at the end of the 10th year, the surviving wife would receive $657,739 for her retirement plan.    

Year-EndWithdrawalIllustrated Account ValueEnhanced Death Benefit

Financial planners (advisers licensed offer securities) cannot offer such projections because their products are not guaranteed safe.  No one knows for sure the amount of money investors will have from year to year.  If you lost money in the last 2008-2009 stock market crash, you need to remember the pain and fear you felt!  Now, Economist Harry Dent’s research indicates the next crash will drop the Dow by 83%.  Needless to say, you are in your 60's, you won’t have enough time to recover from this next stock market crash.  It’s time to take action – before the next stock market crash!

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