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Innovative indexed linked strategies of multiple global asset classes managed daily.  Should stock prices crash, no one will lose any money! 

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As a team of economic strategists, we create a free written retirement plan for each new client.  Our financial products were specifically designed for the next generation; not the out-dated mutual fund/bond portfolios promoted by financial planners.  Our strategies are based on Economist Harry S. Dent's economic forecasts using on demographics, the adult spending pattern, and the Stock Market Boom and Bust Cycles (1995-2023).  For a brief description, click the "Harry S. Dent Jr.Dent"and "Enriched Retirement Strategies" buttons.  For our free information kit and DVD, click the "Free Info Kit" button..   

Economist Harry S. Dent, Jr.

​Wally Mackey, RFC​

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Money Strategies Using Something Guaranteed Safe®

Our Client Strategy

We have helped clients achieve financial growth by outperforming the stock market by 2:1 over the last 20 years. 

Guaranteed Strategies

When the stock market crashed, none of our clients lost any money!.

Worry-Free Thinking

Earnings typically in the 6 to 8% average annual interest rate range for last ten years!.

Tamara Christians, RFA